Assistant Scoutmasters

ASM – Assistant Scoutmaster – monthly meetings the first Tuesday of each month unless noted otherwise.  Meetings are on our Troop calendar.

Useful information for you: (Click the arrow in the top right corner of each file for a full screen presentation.)

Patrol Box Inventory

Download (PPT, 205KB)

Positions of Responsibility

Download (PPT, 88KB)

Scoutmaster Training

Download (PPT, 1.66MB)

Scoutmaster's Handbook (preview)

Download (PDF, 1.64MB)

Bridging Ceremony

Download (PPT, 249KB)

Mountain Lion and Bear Safety

Download (PPT, 362KB)

Merit Badge Counseling

Download (PDF, 203KB)

Food/Cooking Advancement

Download (PPT, 642KB)